As well as our growing series of podcasts we have:

TFG Studio Album.

Compilation of quality recorded songs written and performed by TFG members from the late 80s up to 2011. £5.99.

Click image to hear sample of several tracks.

Click here to download all 13 tracks now!

TFG Worship Album.

Recorded live at TFG weekends. It's cheaper at £4 than the Studio album as the recordings are not as good as on that one (but there are many more of them though!). It's a great reminder of TFG though! Click here.

Ancient Memories

Or why not download "TFG the first 10 years" (£1.50) - something for the really old members! Recorded in the late 1990s, looking back over our first decade.

Destination of a Lifetime

Booklet written originally for one of our weekends, which explains the privileges and responsibilities of being a member of the Kingdom of God.

Written to be fun to read as well as challenging; if you have someone you know that would like a clear and easy to read presentation of the Gospel this is worth considering. £1.50 per copy (10 for £12).

Email for details of how to get hold of copies.

NOW ALSO available as an ebook at £1 each

knees worn through
Knees Worn Through

A full book, working through the Lord's Prayer. This book helps us to understand the prayer and to use it as part of our own times of worship and reflection. pdf format. Available as an ebook for £4.50